Friday, June 6, 2014

Pesto Fiasco

Accidents happen.  Which may be the story of my life.  My clumsy, weirdly filled, accident prone, ridiculous life.  I had a silly notion that the older I get, the less silly stupid things I would do.  Well this week I was reminded that stupid things can continue to happen, it’s how you handle them that defines you.  

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure if I’d have one or two readers.  Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I realized that there were quite a few people who read it and asked me about it.  By the way, I love talking about food and will gladly chat with anyone who wants to talk about it.

Then the accident happened with my finger and I figure I might as well share it with you. 
I had this great idea that I was going to make Pesto on my night off.  I was going to get done work early, go home and make dinner for my husband, and then relax on the back porch to drink wine and watch fireflies.  

I made two colossal mistakes. 
1. I was rushed and not paying attention.
2. I forgot to unplug the machine while cleaning it.  

So when I tried to clean up the blade of my immersion blender, even though I had turned it off, it went off spontaneously, with my finger still in it.  

The Culprit.   

I was strangely calm at first as I ripped off a paper towel and wrapped it around my finger to keep it together.  Not looking at it, I ran into the other room and called to the husband who came in not quite understanding what was going on.  Tom took me to the Emergency Room, where a nurse took a look and told me that she didn’t think I would lose the finger.  She didn’t immediately send me back to a room to be sutured, instead she sent me out to the waiting room.  I got to sit for about 30 minutes listening to the woman ahead of me who kept throwing her hand back and forth screaming into a cell phone that the doctors were making her wait.  

At first the cut didn’t hurt.  I was holding the towels clamped hard and trying not to think about it.  I spent the majority of the time calling myself an idiot in my head, over and over.  Then when I finally left the waiting room and was taken back, it started to hurt.  The nurses and doctor played with it at first, trying to figure out how to stitch it back together.  When I started crying, they offered me something for the pain.  After a single pill, I stopped thinking about the pain.  In fact I stopped thinking about anything at all.  

Tom was a trouper throughout the entire process.  I learned a new piece of information about him that night.  While an avid viewer of movies featuring horror and violence, he doesn’t deal well with blood and stitches in real life.  The doctor numbed my finger and began stitching it.  I, of course, felt nothing and began giggling at the sight of my finger being stitched back together.  Tom did not enjoy the sight as I did, and spent most of the time carefully examining the floor and trying not to watch.  

At the end of the night, my finger was wrapped up and I was told to not use it and not to take the bandages off for 24 hours.  Despite being incredibly drugged up, I made sure to thank each person who had helped me out.  From the kind x-ray tech who let me babble on about my friend Sarah, who’s also an x-ray tech, to the brusque nurse who came in examined me and got me the pain medicine after I began crying.  

I took away several valuable pieces of information.
1.     Take your time, no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re doing household chores, driving somewhere, or doing anything routine.  Take your time.
2.     Make sure to thank people who help you.  They’ll appreciate it and they’ll continue to help you even when you shriek in pain after getting stabbed with a needle.  Everyone has a job to do and always appreciate being thanked.
3.     Finally… Unplug the damn appliance before cleaning it.

I got the chance to remake the pesto the next day.  Using a regular blender instead of the immersion blender and some new ingredients. 

Fresh Pesto

20 min of prep time
·       3 Cups of Kale chopped up
·       ¼ cup of Sunflower Seeds (without the skins) You can also use pine nuts, but they’re absurdly expensive where I live, and I was told this would be an acceptable substitute.
·       ¼ cup of Fresh Basil
·       ½ cup of Olive Oil
·       ¼ cup of water (if needed)
·       ¼ cup of freshly grated Parmesan Cheese
Prepare your blender.

First add kale, sunflower seeds and olive oil. Begin pulsing to blend.  This may take awhile.  You can always add more oil if needed, or a smidge of water to help the blender along.  
Then add the cheese and basil.

This is a great mixture to add to pasta or chicken, or as a topping to pizza.

We added it to chicken thighs and popped them onto the grill.  It had great flavor.

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