Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding

The Holidays are coming up which means there will be loads and loads or festivities and events to attend. The crazy part is sometimes you have to make something to bring with you. While you can always grab store made items. This is an easy to put together Holiday Dessert Recipe that you can use.
Bread Pudding is an easy but also delectable dessert to put together the day before an event. It’s also a great way to use up eggs and stale bread.

Cranberry Orange Bread Pudding

12-14 servings
10 min Prep time
40 minutes to cook
  • 18-20 slices of White Bread (stale bread works best)
  • 1 ½ Cups Fresh or Frozen Cranberries
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • ½ Cup Milk
  • 1 Cup Orange Juice
  • 1 tsp. Orange Oil
  • 1 tsp. Salt
  • 1 Cup White Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
Preheat oven to 350 degrees, grease a 9 in pie pan. Dice bread slices into small cubes.

In a large bowl combine eggs, milk, orange juice, sugar, vanilla, orange oil, and salt together. 

Slowly add the bread cubes and mix until bread absorbs all of the liquid. 

Add cranberries and white chocolate chips to the bread mixture and slowly fold to evenly distribute. Then add bread mixture to pie pan and pat down lightly. 

Bake for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Slow Cooker Bell Pepper and Tortellini Soup

We’re getting to that fabulous point of fall when it’s finally cool enough out for oodles and oodles of soup.  I love Soup.  I’ll pretty much try any kind.  This combination of veggies and tortellini makes great lunches for my husband and I to take to work with us.  You can also add some Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Flakes to spice it up if you’re feeling adventurous.   

Bell Pepper and Tortellini Soup

2 servings
5 minutes to prep
12 minutes to cook
·       1 ½ Cups Diced Yellow Bell Peppers
·       1 Cup Diced Onion
·       2 ½ Cups Frozen or Dried Tortellini
·       2/3 Cup Celery
·       1 Can of Northern Beans
·       4 Cups of Chicken Broth
·       3 Cloves Garlic Diced
·       1 ½ Cup Butternut Squash
·       1 tsp. Salt
·       4 Tsp. Parmesan Cheese 

Ready Slow Cooker, set heat to high.  Add onion, bell peppers, celery, beans, chicken broth, garlic, salt, and butternut squash.  

Cook on High for 4 hours.  Then add tortellini and cook for an additional half hour.

Serve with a sprinkle of the Parmesan Cheese on top.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Football Finger Foods!

It’s my husband’s favorite time of year.  No not fall or Thanksgiving... Football season.  That heart-breaking season for Philadelphia residents, where they get their hopes up at the beginning and begin to denounce players and coaches by week 12.  Every year I get to hear the cheering or screaming and look for new food to make.  This year I figure I’d try to share some of the food, which keeps me from going crazy this time of year.

The first recipe works with the Empanada dough I blogged about last spring.  This is an easy recipe that does take time to make, but you can either freeze the uncooked empanadas or serve all 20 or so of them.  I baked half and popped half in the freezer for next week’s Monday Night Football.  This is also an awesome way to use up leftover chicken.  

Chicken and Mushroom Empanadas

10 servings (2 empanadas a serving)
30 min to prep
20-25 minutes to bake

·       1 batch of Empanada Dough
·       2 cups of Mushrooms
·       2 Chicken Breasts (cooked)
·       ½ package of Taco Seasoning
·       1 cup of Mozzarella Cheese
·       2 Tsp. of Olive Oil
·       1 Egg

The Empanada dough should be resting in your refrigerator for an hour or two when you pull it out.  Begin to sauté the mushrooms in olive oil in a pan on the stovetop. Brown the mushrooms on both sides.  Don’t crowd them; spread them out over an even surface to brown.  They won’t brown if crowded.  

In a bowl add chicken, seasoning, cheese, and mushrooms together and mix.  Take out two cookie sheets and add a sheet of parchment paper to each.  Roll out small balls of Empanada dough; it should be about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter.  There should be enough dough for twenty of them or so.  Take a rolling pin and roll out each dough ball and fill with a couple of Tsp. of filling.  Pinch the sides closed and add pastry to the cookie sheet.  After each pastry has been completed you have two options, to freeze them for later or to cook them all now.  I did half and half. To freeze them, simply put cookie sheet into freezer for 10 minutes or so.  Pull out and them pop pastries into a freezer bag, label and store for up to 3 months.

Or pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and break an egg into a small bowl and beat to create an egg wash.  With a small brush coat each pastry with egg wash.  Bake for 20-25 minutes until browned on top.

Wings are a main staple in almost any household during football season.  I’m told I don’t make them quite right because I prefer barbecue sauce to hot sauce.  However, this combination of a dry rub with barbecue sauce was incredibly good.  Let me know what your favorite wing flavor is in the comments.

Barbecue Chicken Wings

5 servings
10-15 minutes to prep
25-30 minutes to cook
·       10 Whole Wings
·       1 Cup BBQ Sauce (divided)
·       ½ tsp. Mustard Seed
·       ¼ tsp. Cayenne Pepper
·       ½ tsp. pepper
·       1 tsp. salt
·       1 tsp. Garlic powder
·       1 tsp. Paprika

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Ready a cookie sheet.  I like to put foil down on mine.
Mix mustard seeds, cayenne pepper, pepper, salt, garlic powder, and paprika in a bowl.  

In a separate bowl add chicken wings.  Sprinkle spices on top or wings and mix thoroughly.  

Spread the wings out on the cookie sheet.  Spread ½ cup of barbecue sauce with a small brush evenly over the wings.  Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until brown on top and crispy on the edges.

After taking them out of the oven, evenly coat remaining ½ cup of barbecue sauce over the wings.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Spicy Honey Pork Tenderloin

Second post for this crazy week.  I work crazy hours because of my job.  This also only allows me to really have a sit down meal with my husband 2-3 times a week.  We always try to have a sit down meal with no screens and talk about our day or the last couple of days.  My husband Tom is a carnivore and enjoys dinners with meat more than vegetarian fare.  So I debuted this recipe to suit his tastes and it was a home run.   This is an easy recipe that he likes and can easily replicate when I’m not home to cook.   

Spicy Honey Pork Tenderloin

4 servings
2-3 hours to marinade
30 minutes to cook
·       1-2 lbs. Pork Tenderloin
·       2 Tsp. Honey
·       ¼ tsp. Cayenne Pepper
·       ¼ tsp. Pepper
·       ½ tsp. Salt
·       2 tsp. Garlic Powder
·       3 Tsp. Olive Oil

Mix honey, cayenne, pepper, salt, oil, and garlic powder in a small bowl.  

Ready pork in a plastic bag and add marinade.  Allow to sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 Hours.  

Preheat oven to 375 degree.  Put pork on a glass dish and roast for 25-30 minutes.  Until fat is crispy on top and edges are brown.  

Serve with a small salad or roasted veggies.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jewish Apple Cake

Last week was an insanely busy week involving sports photography, pouring rain, cold winds, and long hours.  Since I have more time and energy this week, I decided to post two entries.  Today, the first is a fabulous dessert that will warm anyone up this time of year.
This is hands down my favorite dessert of all time.  I remember being a small child and eating this at my Grandparents’ home.  My Oma would make this cake for special occasions or just for family get  togethers.  It’s so unbelievably good that it can work with almost any kind of meal or coffee break. 
Jewish Apple Cake is a dense moist cake filled with cinnamon and apples.  I was surprised to learn it’s called Jewish, not because of any kind of religious affiliation, but rather because it contains no dairy.  I could not find a Bundt pan in my home so instead made it with two smaller 5 by 9 inch pans.  I may now have to invest in a Bundt pan because of out delicious it turned out. It turned out to be so delicious that I'm definitely making it again this week.

Jewish Apple Cake

2 loaves
20 min Prep time
65 minutes to cook
·       3 Cups of Flour
·       2 Cups and 4 Tsp. of Granulated Sugar (divided)
·       4-5 Apples
·       3 tsp. Baking Powder
·       4 Eggs
·       1tsp. Salt
·       2 tsp. Cinnamon
·       1 Cup Vegetable Oil
·       ½ Cup Orange Juice
·       1Tsp. Vanilla Extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, grease both 5 by 9 pans and set aside.  Peel, core, and thinly slice apples, then toss with cinnamon and 4 Tsp. of sugar.  

Mix flour, remaining sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl.  Then mix all wet ingredients in another bowl.  Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, incorporating a cup or so at a time. Mix thoroughly until smooth.  

Pour a layer of batter in each of the 5 by 9 pans.  Add a layer of apples on top.  Then top off with more batter and top with the remaining apples. 

Bake for 60-65 minutes.

Or you can wait until it's browned on top.