Friday, October 2, 2015

Caramel Sauce

Heaven must have rivers of caramel sauce, because it is amazing.  Put away your phone, lock the
doors, and spend some time by yourself.  You need to concentrate on this.  It's hot boiling sugar which can stick and burn you over and over.  I left my husband and baby watching football, and spent some quality time in the kitchen.  It was worth it. 
I love Caramel Sauce, plus it's super easy to reheat and add to other desserts or just fresh fruit. I ended up adding this to brownies and drizzling the extra sauce on top.  You can check out my brownie recipe here.

Caramel Sauce

20 minutes of Cook time
12 Servings

·       1 Cup Granulated Sugar
·       1/4 Cup Water
·       1 Tbsp. Butter (optional)
·       Pinch of Salt
·      3/4 Cup Light or Heavy Cream
·      1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (optional)
·      1 tsp. Rum (optional)

Take out a trusty heavy duty pot.  I like this one.

Add the sugar and water to the pot and begin to heat it up on high heat.  DO NOT STIR IT. It'll crystallize and ruin.  Just leave it alone.  If you need to, pick up the pot with pot holders and tilt it to make sure it's evenly coated.

Watch it, when it's a dark amber, a little darker than this photo.  Pull it off onto a cool surface.  Take your cream and add it in and stir until it's evenly mixed.  

You can then add the pinch of salt and flavor it however you like.  I chose some butter and vanilla extract.  I think next time I'll go with the rum.

Then you end up with about a cup or so of Caramel Sauce.  You can use it however you like.

I made caramel brownies with it. Which were AMAZING.  You can find my brownie recipe here.  It was pretty easy to add some to the mix, bake it, and then top the brownies later with extra sauce.

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